SIFT Progress Timeline

Our History


In February 2019, SIFT made its first presence in the UAE by aligning with Global Quest Capital LLC, focusing on the capital flows and transactions between the MENA region and China when echoing the Belt & Road Initiative and utilizing Abu Dhabi as a regional hub.


In October 2018, SIFT set up a JV asset manager with Everbright Financial Holding Asset Management Co. Ltd., the investment platform of Everbright Group, who is a top-tier Chinese conglomerate. The JV asset manager has won the mandates of two local Chinese government sponsored funds, with a targeted AUM of RMB 10bn.”

In March 2018, SIFT made its first presence in the UK by aligning with London & Oxford Capital Markets Ltd, an FCA-licensed company, focusing on real estate, wealth management and education.


In 2016 & 2017, SIFT won five separate account mandates with an aggregate AUM of US$ 200m, allocating capital in acquisitions of technology companies in Germany and the United States together with other strategic investors.


In July 2015, SIFT obtained its license for fund management from Asset Management Association of China (AMAC).

In November 2015, SIFT launched its first RMB private equity investment fund, followed by another.


In February 2014, SIFT launched its first open-ended fund for Hong Kong listed shares trading.


In October 2013, SIFT obtained its license for asset management from Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HKSFC).