Welcome to SIFT Capital

Since its establishment in 2013, SIFT Capital has been committed to focus on both onshore and offshore asset management business by using Hong Kong as a launchpad, and hence been managing a variety of asset classes after obtaining its asset management license from Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (No.BBE413) in October 2013 and its RMB fund management license from Asset Management Association of China (No. P1018039) in July 2015. Learn More


Capital Investments

SIFT Capital has always been pursuing leveraging China’s market and innovation driven growth model for outbound investments in the areas of TMT, Healthcare and lately renewables… Learn More


Securities Trading

Our stock-focused approach is driven by in-depth fundamental research and skilled portfolio construction. We invest for the long term to capture equity growth, but only when high-quality opportunities are identified at sensible valuations… Learn More


International Education

Changsha WES Academy (CWA) is the first and only international school in Hunan Province that uses English as the primary language of instruction. In 2009, CWA was established in order to support the growth by attracting more foreign investors… Learn More